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Colásite Mhuire Co-Ed, Thurles operates under the aegis of TETB (Tipperary Education and Tranining Board).

Note to parents regarding Wriggle store

You can access the wriggle store now at http://store.wriggle.ie/colaiste-mhuire-co-ed

Note to Parents regarding optional subjects (November 14)

As the term 1 exams are now finished it is important to flag up the fact that students will need to purchase books for their iPads, for their optional subjects.

You can access the online store at store.wriggle.ie/colaiste-mhuire-co-ed

Please note the following:




eBook must be downloaded if doing this option

Home Economics

eBook must be downloaded if doing this option


eBook must be downloaded if doing this option


To be advised next summer for 2nd year

Technical Graphics

To be advised next summer for 2nd year


To be advised next summer for 2nd year


To be advised next summer for 2nd year


eBook not available – textbook will be given by the school



Coláiste Mhuire Co-Ed has invested considerably in its ICT provision to be a leader in ICT skills attainment & development for our students.
Our school uses Google Apps and all students have a Google Apps account, providing them with a school based email account, calendar, task-manager etc.  Each pupil is capable of emailing any staff member or the Principal and vice-versa.  Our first year and transition year students learn how to create and develop e-portfolios. This is facilitated through Google sites and Mahara.

Our pupils and parents have access to the following;

  • Google Apps
  • VSware
  • Virtual Learning Environment – Moodle
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

In September 2014 we are introducing iPads for first year students. We are working with a company called Wriggle www.wriggle.ie to ensure that this will be a success.

The main advantages

  • No need to buy exam papers - saving of approximate €100
  • Cut down on weight in bags
  • Most interactive learning resources for pupils with Dictionaries, Maps, Globes, Translators, Maths help etc.
  • Internet browser for the family
  • Highly affordable repayment options with the local credit union
  • Very impressive advantages Science
  • Option to lease text-books each year at a third of the price of hard-copy


  • As explained at the information evening parents will log into wriggle.ie where they will buy the ipad and all the books
  • Competitive loan rates have been negotiated with the local credit union


  • Wriggle  recommends that parents arrange their own insurance cover
  • House Insurance Contents Cover – you must check this will cover the ipad      when not at home
  • GadgetInsurance.ie also offers very competitive rates

Initial Target Group

  • First year (small pilot group)

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